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Hello, my name is Sean

I’m an enthusiastic, creative graphic designer with solid problem solving skills. My experiences overlap design, development, and strategy to provide a unique understanding of the design process, and how they work together to produce unique design solutions.

About Sean

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    Hire & Accepting Freelance
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    My cats, Raj and Penny
  • Current Book:
    "Born to Run" - Bruce Springsteen

Why am I a designer?

Because I enjoy communicating visually and finding simple solutions for complex problems.

Why do I think design is important?

Good design can trigger a pleasant experience, and provide comfort and direction in the most extreme scenarios.

What do I think makes me weird?

I have been an optimist since the day I was born, and will find value in even the most chaotic of situations.

Why should you hire me before someone else?

I believe design requires an honest and open approach—There are no shortcuts, and both the designer and client need to have an understanding of the problem they are solving.

What I do

Graphic Design

Communication and a clear workflow are the pillars for a successful creative process. I bring fresh ideas, and adhere to high quality design standards to create the perfect solution.

Web Design

A unique and memorable website is essential to compete in today's market. I provide a usable, innovative approach that fits any clients needs.

Design Strategy

A strong strategy does not just happen; it requires a clear understanding of who the audience is? Where they are? And what the message you are trying to send is?

My Technical Skills

Adobe Creative Cloud


Video Editing



Audio Editing


Sean is a great person to work with, he takes direction well and gets things done on time. He created a wonderful calendar for our non-profit Polo Girls Society, and also helps maintain and update the Friends of Hartwood website. Sean offers great results at an affordable cost. He is reliable and trustworthy. Definitely will hire Sean again for upcoming projects!

Elizabeth Lewis

CEO/Head Designer at Mallet Hill

I started work at K&L Gates on the same day as Sean. His easy going and cheerful disposition makes him a total pleasure to work with. He's gets things done quickly and produces quality work without complaint. Really can't ask for a better co-worker! We're lucky to have him on our team.

Alexis Gorenz

Senior Marketing Specialist at PNC

Professional Design Experience:

  • K&L Gates LLP.

    Senior Graphic Designer • 2016 - Present

    As a graphic designer and member of the marketing team, I am responsible for the organization, research, layout, and creative design of all print, and digital marketing materials that are used by our lawyers and administrative departments throughout the firm.

    I communicate daily, and coordinate projects with in-house/outside vendors, technical service providers, and other resources needed for an client facing, or in-house design projects.

    Additionally once a project is entered into our Graphics Job Management System, it is my responsibility to coordinate with our copywriters, content team, and the lead project manager to insure all of the content, and assets for the project are ready for production.

  • Zoom Media Connect/Clubcom LLC.

    Graphic Designer/UX Designer • 2011 - Present

    As a member of the digital content team I was responsible for designing and animating digital advertisements at a fast pace, andhigh volume. These digital advertisments were broadcasted across Zoom Media’s entertainment networks within gym and fitness centers across the U.S. and Canada.

    Additionally I wrote copy for ads, revise & edit ads, contact advertisers via email or phone when necessary, communicateed with sales team to assess advertiser’s needs and design solutions.

    I was chosen to work with the UX/UI team on a new touchscreen product for 24HR Fitness. I implemented user centered design methodology, collaborated closely on product planning and execution with developers and a panel of executives to create an intuitive, delightful user experience.

Freelance Design Work:

  • BoatFlag.Me

    Freelance Graphic Designer • 2016-2020

    My role as a freelance designer included the production and creation of graphics used on BoatFlag.Me products, I provided the design and handled changes in production timeline.

    I was also tasked with managing customer expectations, ensuring the quality of the products sold, and ensuring the products were shipped and delivered in a timely manner. I Routinely communicate with other designers on the team and company owners to improve production processes, and discuss any customer concerns.

  • Mercy Hospital School of Nursing Pittsburgh Alumni

    Freelance Graphic/Web Designer • 2013 - 2021

    I worked with the MHSN Board of Directors to create a new logo and branding guidelines to be used across multiple marketing materials.

    Designed, developed & tested a custom responsive WordPress theme that is flexible for across multiple browsers & devices.

    Currently I manage the MHSN Alumni website, and work with the board of directors to design content for monthly blog posts and social media updates for the alumni website and Social Media Channels.

My Education

  • La Roche College


    B.S. Graphic Design


Contact Me

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