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Graphic Designer

Targeted out of home advertising

In the bustling landscape of today’s marketplace, small businesses face a formidable challenge: standing out amidst the noise and clamor of larger competitors. Despite offering unique products or services, many find themselves struggling to capture the attention of their local community and effectively communicate their message.

Develop digital advertising strategies that connect local businesses with millions of active lifestyle consumers at gyms and fitness clubs, effectively bridging the gap between small enterprises and their target audience.

Active lifestyle consumers outspend other groups in categories like restaurants, home improvement, retail, medical insurance, automotive, financial services, and more. This makes them an ideal audience for local businesses.

By emphasizing a close proximity to the gym, our club members were informed about businesses in the community they could rely on while they were out running errands, grabbing a bite to eat, or meeting up with friends.

  1. When you only have 15-30 seconds, you have to be clear, concise, and compelling.
  2. Find the easiest way for the customer to contact you, or purchase your product.
  3. Content matters, and people avoid confusing content.